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Instructions are necessary to get a job done. Good instructions are crucial for a job to be done successful. Hence, an instructions template is a useful tool to guide the reader on the proper flow of work for all appropriate applications.

There are many types of work that require instructions such as caring for your pet, working a machinery, using the computer system, operating a process and carrying out a lesson plan. Instructions are required to ensure that the person carrying out the instructions will do a good job.

The instructions must be easy to understand and in the right order. Instructions template is like a recipe for a cake or a dish. If it is not well written, disastrous results can come about.

Hence, an instructions template is useful for those who are giving out the proper instructions for many types of similar work everyday as in a pet shop where different pets are brought in to be cared for. A good instruction list can be generated with an instructions template for the different types of pets.

An instructions template may have the following components:

* Organization Name and Logo

* Instructions for Item

* Step-by-step instruction on item

*Start and end instructions

* Special notes

* Condition

* Precautions and risks

* Terms and conditions

The instructions template can be easily changed and stored for future references. You can review the contents for similar items with similar instructions.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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