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Instructor Resume Template

An instructor is a person who offers good instructions to the success of an environment or situation. An instructor directs and leads through the dissemination of information to perform an action successfully. There are many kinds of instructors: health, education, music, entertainment, martial arts and many others.

An instructor must be knowledgeable and well trained in an area or capacity to pass on instructions to another to achieve the goal or objective. An instructor needs to be well versed with that area of concern with a passion and dedication to that environment. A good instructor will share his knowledge and skills willingly to pass on the traits. He is experienced and familiar with the pros and cons of the entity. He needs to exercise high principles and consistent good values. An instructor must be good in his language and communication skills to impart the right knowledge and practical skills to his followers or learners. He disseminates to impact and influence for life in the right direction. Hence, an instructor must be caring, patient and dedicated.

An instructor must be learned before teaching or instructing; he needs to be updated constantly with the latest knowledge and skills in order to be relevant to the changing lifestyle and society. He needs passion and creativity to influence his hearers and followers.

An instructor resume template may contain:

* Instructor’s personal information

* Career Ambition

* Education & Qualifications

* Work Experiences

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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