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Interview Notes Template

An Interview is a very important meet up for any party in the activity. Interview notes are normally taken in a formal situation where the interviewer wants an accurate reporting of the interviewee. Hence, interview notes are taken in some format that will help the interviewer to recall and report the interview accurately to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication of facts and what was said during the interview.

Interview notes are transcriptions for public reading as in some mass media like newspapers, magazines or reports. An interview notes have very simple structure to record the basic information required such as date and time of interview, interviewer and interviewee information.

An interview notes template may comprise the following format:

* Interviewer’s Name

* Interview Time

* Interview Date

* Interview venue

* Duration of interview

* Interviewee’s name and title

* Interview notes

* Occasion

* Main points

* Opinions

* Data

* Conclusions

* Transcription

* Detailed information of event and interviewee

* Detailed information of main points and opinions

* Manipulated data with charts or graphs

* Suggestive conclusions

* Quotations

An interview notes may also note any photos, pictures and diagrams/charts that are relevant to the interview. There may be the necessary of secondary sources information that are added on to this interview data to support the primary data depending on the occasion.

The interview notes may resort to other sources for more details regarding the topic interviewed.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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