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Interview Thank You Letter Template

An Interview thank you letter is a formal letter written in reciprocal to an interview that was recently conducted for a job at a company. It is a courteous action on the part of the interviewee to send a thank you letter to the interviewer for taking time off to meet with the interviewee who is a potential candidate for employment at the company.

An interview letter would follow the following template or format:

* Sender’s Name

* Sender’s Address

* Date

* Recipient’s Name & Title

* Company Name & Address

* Salutations

* Reference

The above header information would be properly formatted with the right line spacing and font sizes.

The template body of an interview thank you letter will contain a couple of paragraphs stating the appreciation of the interview, giving the details of the interview in paragraph one and the job interviewed for, as an earnest confirmation of the job at the company.

Paragraph two would record the gleaning of useful information from the interview which makes it more exciting to be considered for the job, with a recollection of your suitability to the post interviewed and confidence of handling the job well, after a better understanding of the requirements and expectations.

The candidate can also state his increased desire to join the esteemed organization and looks forward to a favorably response from the interviewer. The candidate can end his interview thank you letter with his signature and contact number.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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