Inventory Templates

Inventory Template

An inventory is a piece of equipment that is needed in an office or home that serves a function. An inventory list is important to identify the items or equipment available in that particular environment for its smooth functioning. An inventory sheet can be simple but may contain quite a few columns of information. Hence, the template may be landscape structured rather than portrait structured. An inventory stock check is usually performed once or twice a year to check on the condition of the equipment so that a refurbishment or replacement can be considered or budgeted by the company.

An inventory template can include:

* Department

* Department Head & Contact

* Inventory Check Date

* Inventory Checked by

* Approved by

The above header information is to identify the place and persons involved in the inventory exercise so that there is accountability and reporting avenues.

The body of an office inventory template is crucial to list:

* Item number

* Category

* Item name

* Description of item

* Unit Price

* Quantity

* Reorder level

* Reorder time

* Reorder Quantity

* Discontinued

* Notes

An inventory sheet gives clear information about the status of each equipment. The Notes column allows the administrator to make special notes on each of the equipment, such as ‘last stock’ so that appropriate action can be taken on that inventory.

An inventory checklist helps the organization to cut down on office equipment abuse and pilferages.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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