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Investigator Resume Template

An investigator is an important profession where security and truth are concerned. An investigator must be upright and holds truth high in his value list to ensure justice prevails.

An investigator must be a thorough and meticulous person who checks through the specifications and circumstances to understand the cause and effect of a situation. He must be careful in compiling data and interpreting the data to conclude correctly about the situation. He can uncover the truth with a keen eye and alert mind.

An investigator must be well versed with that particular environment or subject matter to make a fair evaluation of the entity or environment; his sole purpose is to ensure truth to surface about the involved parties or environment. He requires good communication skills to interact with different types of people. He needs to be firm in his decisions while upholding his integrity over his investigations and findings. He needs to be alert to the dangers as he goes about his responsibilities.

An investigator requires the right equipping skills and knowledge to be effective in his responsibilities. He must be transparent in his job while being confidential with his data gathered until the final conclusion. He acts in confidence.

An investigator resume template may include the following:

* Investigator’s Name & Address

* Career Objectives

* Academic qualifications

* Skills & certifications

* Resources

* Areas of expertise

* Work Experience

* Awards and accolades

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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