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Investment Policy Statement Template

All businesses must make investments of one kind or another to keep their businesses afloat. Some investments may be good to bring in the profit while bad investments can cause the company to suffer some financial loss.

Nevertheless, a business needs to prepare an investment policy statement to report to its board of directors, shareholders, stakeholders, and authorities on the financial status of the company. An investment policy statement will display how effective the business has been over a period of time on the undertaken investments. It will showcase the direction and options undertaken by the company in its operations.

An investment policy statement lists out information about the company’s investments such as asset description, acquisition of asset, acquisition price, broker’s price, current cost, net gain or loss.

These pieces of information showcase the company’s financial investment skills and performance. It gives a good account of how the company is faring in its investment and the financial health of the company.

An investment policy statement template may contain the following information:

* Company’s Name & Address

* Investment Statement date

* Asset Description

* Acquisition date of Asset

* Acquisition cost

* Units of asset

* Broker’s fees

* Total Cost

* Current Quote

* Current Value

* % Total

* Net Gain / Loss

* % Gain / Loss

An investment policy statement declares the type of investments made by the company to be feasible or otherwise.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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