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Investment Proposal Template

All businesses will make some form of investment during their operation. Some investments can turn out well to reap a profit while others may fall through before they get started or turn sour during or after completion.

Nevertheless, no matter what the risks may be, a business may go all the way out to make an investment through an investment proposal. An investment proposal is a formal write up on the company’s intention to secure the project that may bring in good profit for the company.

An investment proposal may contain information about the proposing company, its products, skills and services which can benefit the tendering company. It must be an impressive proposal to convince the tendering company to award the tender to the proposing company.

Some tendering companies may require the proposing companies to fill in a standard investment proposal template while others allow a free-style investment proposal to be submitted by the proposing companies.

An investment proposal template may contain the following sections information:

* Proposing company’s Name & Address

* Proposing company’s contact information

* Overview of proposing company

* Project Title

* Objective of proposal

* Description of project proposal

* Resources

* Time frame

* Skills

* Expertise

* Sub categories of tasks

* Charges

* Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions can be detailed out in the investment proposal so that the tendering company may get a good overview of the expectations related to the said project.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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