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Invoice Receipt Template

Invoices are documents to prove that a business transaction has happened and time for collection of payment is forthcoming. Hence, invoices are crucial to any business that wishes to survive or progress in the business world. Cash flow is important for the healthy functioning of the business.

An invoice receipt would be a response document to indicate that the required payment for the goods sold or service rendered has been settled. Hence, an invoice receipt is returned to acknowledge the settlement of payment with a note of thanks. The invoice receipt functions very simply as a note of thanks for the payment on the transaction done. This simple gesture would establish better ties between both business parties for a more trusting and respectful work relations.

Since there are many transactions performed, many invoices and invoice receipts would be generated. Hence, an invoice receipt template is a useful tool in generating the invoice receipt quickly and accurately.

An invoice receipt template may contain two parts: invoice information and payment section.

The invoice information portion may list out:

* Company’s information

* Customer’s information

* Invoice Number

* Quantity of Items sold/purchased

* Item number

* Description/Explanation

* Unit Price

* Line Total

* Total Payment

* Payment due date

The receipt portion may list out the payment terms and conditions such as:

* Payment amount

* Mode of Payment

* Paid by

* Date of payment

* Acknowledgement of payment

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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