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The store is usually used to keep in place things that are not used often; hence, everyone who wants to use something that can be public property should record its borrowing and returning to ensure that all has the necessary access to the required item.

For example, a public library has plenty of reading materials and audio/video facilities for the public’s borrowings. Hence, the public library needs to put in place a good issuance system or procedure that will track the borrowings and returns of items from the library. This can be done in an issue log.

Every place that offers some items for public use should engage an issue log sheet for accountability purposes. Even in a business, the administrator needs to track who borrows or returns the company car; in a school environment, the facilities supervisor will record the borrowings of sports equipment or rooms by staff or students, or even outsiders.

Hence, an issue log is very useful; its template can contain:

* Place of issue

* Item Number

* Issue title

* Type

* Priority

* Borrower’s details

* Borrowing date

* Expected Return date

* Actual Return date

* Status of item

* Issuer

* Comments

Borrower’s details should include the full name of the borrower and his contact number so that he can be reminded of any outstanding returns.

Comments can be stated as a future reference or review of the borrower or borrowed item.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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