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In every organization or business, there will be dissatisfactions of some kind or other; for example, in a shopping mall, there may be complaints or dissatisfaction over the lack of sufficient parking lots or badly maintained toilets. In any service business, such as restaurants or educational institutions, there will be issues of poor service or delivery of training.

Hence, a complaint by a customer or patron should be recorded in an issues log by the organization for improvement purposes.

There will be issues in any environment and complaints are a reflection of some areas that are lacking which should be improved.

Hence, an issues log template can contain:

* Place of issue

* Date of issue

* Issue title

* Type

* Description of issue

* Originator of issue

* Assigned To

* Solution suggested

* Solution implemented

* Status update

* Recorder

* Comments

The details of the originator of the issue raised should be detailed enough to allow the recipient of the issue to return call for a solution when the issue is resolved. It is a polite gesture from the organization to acknowledge receipt of the issue and to offer apologies and compensations where necessary to appease the issuer.

The patron must be satisfied with the manner of resolving the issue brought up to the attention of the organization.

Comments can be stated as a future reference or review of the issue to avoid a repeat.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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