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Itinerary Planner Template

When you are planning a trip, an itinerary is a useful tool to help make a trip smooth. An itinerary planner can list down the ‘Things to do’ which the traveler can use as a checklist to prepare for his trip. There are many things to prepare for a trip. An itinerary planner can help put the trip into proper perspective, to enjoy the trip.

Hence, an itinerary planner template can be subdivided to highlight important parts to note in a trip, such as:

1) Traveler Information

* Traveler’s Name

* Address & Contact Information

* Destination

* Objective

The above information takes note of the traveler’s important information to confirm the right travel plans.

2) Travel Information

* Type of Transportation

* Date of Travel

* Departure & Arrival (transits)

* Reservations / Confirmation

* Special privileges

The above information helps the traveler confirms the information pertaining to his travel, so that he will not miss his transport.

3) Travel Documentation

* Passport Number

* Expiry Date

* Visa / Validity Date

* Charges / Fees

The above are important information required for a valid travel especially if the traveler is going out of the country which requires immigration processes and documents that must be properly prepared.

4) Other related Information

* Ground Tours arrangement

* Accommodation

* Contact Address and Telephone Number

* Car Rental

This section of information can be optional, depending on the objective of the travel.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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