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Jeopardy Game Template

Most people enjoy games; many enjoy a board game once in a while, especially on a rainy day where outdoor activities cannot be carried out. A board or indoor game such as Jeopardy is interesting to play. It is a good game to spend the time with your family or friends while getting to know them better as you have fun as a group.

The Jeopardy game comprises questions and answers. The proposer will pop a clue related to the answer whereby the members will respond with the right question to the clue given. The right response gains points while a wrong answer might minus off points. The members must keep track of their points till the end to determine the winner. Clues will become harder as the members proceed to the subsequent rounds. There are the initial jeopardy, the Double jeopardy and the Final jeopardy rounds. Contestants are eliminated one by one until the winner is identified.

The Jeopardy game template may display:

* Initial round of trivial clues and responses

* Double Jeopardy round

* Final Jeopardy round

* Cash prizes or points

* Answer

* Bonus Question & points

A jeopardy game is very fun and exciting when played in a group, especially in a familiar group. It can enhance your general knowledge as all types of topics can be referred to in the game such as sports, politics, history, literature, pop, arts, culture and science.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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