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Job Description Template

A Job Description Form is part of a company’s set of employment forms where each position in the company is listed out clearly in such a form. The availability of such a form shows the company’s well planned organization structure where every employee is given a job description form to be filled out before commencing his job. With such a form, every employee is able to identify the scope of his position and his responsibilities.

A Job description template header can list:

* Company Name & Logo

* Division / Department

* Position

* Reports to

* Position of Superior

The header portion outlines the basic information about the employee and his position in the company.

The body of the Job description template may identify more information about that position such as:

* Grade / Level

* Type of Employment

* Special Conditions

* General Description

* Work Experience

* Education Achievement

The above template body records the details pertaining to the position in the company.

A final section of the Job Description template is for office use, where approvals are registered:

* Reviewer

* Approver

* Date of Hire

* Date of Posting

The above information records the authorities who reviewed the job description form and approves the candidate as well as the description of the position, so that in future, like in yearly appraisal, the employee can be appraised according to this job description template.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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