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When a company advertises for a position, there will be many applications; especially in this time of uncertain economy where the number of workers exceed the number of available jobs in the market.

Hence, the advertising company will need a way to handle the massive amount of job applicants before it can process the applications. A job search log is very useful to the recruitment manager in tracking the number and the type of applicants for a particular position.

A job search log sheet may contain useful information such as applicant’s name and personal details, especially the contact information so that the applicant can be contacted for an interview. A job search log sheet is also very useful to the company in comparing the types of applicants for the job to decide on the most suitable candidate(s) for the position.

From the job search log, the recruitment manager is able to view the personal and educational details of every applicant, qualifications, skills and requested salary. That gives an overview of all the job applicants to the company on what types of candidates are applying for the post.

A job search log template may record the following information:

* Applicant’s personal details

* Applicant’s contact details

* Applicant’s educational history & qualifications

* Position applied for

* Expected salary

* Experience

* Skills

The job search log need not record the applicants for only one post but can record all vacancies of the organization.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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