Label Templates

Label Template

Labels are important pieces of information that are pasted on letters, packages, boxes and documents. They are good when you have a lot of labeling of items. It saves you time writing your information on each item that needs identification, especially if the labeling contains identical information.

Hence, labels are good when you have bulk items to be labeled for identification purposes and especially so when the identification are same information.

Labels can be simple and straightforward when it is just basic information you want displayed. Labels usually have a sticky side which allows the user to paste easily on the item without using glue or staples.

A label template can have the following components:

* Sender’s name & address

* Sender’s contact number

* Recipient’s name and address

* Recipient’s contact number

There are many uses of labels.

You can use labels to send off letters and packages as is used in mass mailing by companies. These would be quite formal labels which are quite plain and simple.

Labels can also be personal by some creative design. It can have colorful borders and designs to enhance its appearance, making it more interesting and attractive. A creative label can give its owner its own identity.

A label can also function like a name tag where a personal message can be written. It can be used as a recording of information on a particular item that will enhance searches in the future.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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