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Landlord Inventory Template

An inventory recording is essential as well as crucial to any individual or business that carries some form of asset such as tools, equipment, products and even property. For those who deal with property, they are called real estate agents or they could be individuals who rent out their properties; hence, they are called landlords.

A landlord inventory is useful to the landlord in identifying what properties he has on hand and what is the status of each property; that is, if the property is vacant or rented out. Besides recording the basic information of the property such as address and condition, the landlord inventory can also record the tenant’s information and rental agreement’s terms and conditions.

These types of information can assist the landlord in maintaining his properties better for a better rental and tenant.

A landlord inventory template can include:

* Landlord’s Name

* Landlord’s Address and contact information

* Company

* Website reference

* Types of property

For each property, the following information may be recorded:

* Property Name

* Category

* Property Description

* Condition

* Address

* Rental terms & conditions

* Rental cost

* Property Age

* Plus points of property

A landlord inventory structure depends on the landlord who may want certain information recorded to give him an added edge on his property’s rental. These extra pieces of information can be posted on flyers or advertisement websites to promote his properties better.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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