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Learner Resume Template

A learner is a student. A learner has no age limit. Anyone can be a learner at any age. It is right to say that everyone is learning all the time. There is no end to learning depending on your attitude.

A learner stands to gain a lot for himself when he is willing to learn. Learning becomes fun when the learner takes on the right attitude. When he is learned, he can move on to teach others. Hence, a learner can impact others unwittingly. A learner can be very fun as he can spring out much interesting knowledge. He can be the livewire in any environment.

Hence, a learner resume can contain anything the individual wants to put on. He can be a learner in any environment even when he is old. For example, a grandfather can return to school and be a learner to earn that college degree he never got round to during his younger phase of life.

A learner needs to have the right attitude to learn successfully. Some learners take a longer time to learn than others but if he completes the learning journey successfully, he is well respected. Upon successful completion of learning a particular trait, the learner acquires a new skill and knowledge.

A learner resume template may contain:

* Learner’s personal information

* Education & Qualifications

* Work Experiences

* Interests

* Hobbies

* Community work

* Skills

* Achievements

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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