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Legal Form Template

A Legal Form is a form that is used in the legal environment where the contents of a situation are listed down for references or execution. There are many types of legal forms as there are many types of cases that the legal parties are involved with. Some include agreements between two parties, legal articles, insurance, contracts, memorandums, bills, bylaws, declarations, minutes and assignments of lease, mortgage and the like.

The legal form template is very flexible depending on the type of situation. It is used to record relevant information about the situation for follow up purposes or filing of information. Legal forms are very useful as they contain the required information about the concerned situation for the legal department to take the corrective action.

The legal form template header can list:

* Legal Form

* Topic

* Researched by:

* Date:

* Ref:

* Brief of case

* Questions presented

* Facts about the case

* Issues for discussion

* Conclusion

The legal form can be given to the plaintiff to fill up when he wants to file a legal representation of the said matter, or it can be filled up by the legal officer to record the concern for legal action to commence.

Different states and countries have different types of legal forms to be filled up. You should seek the advice of the legal advocator for the right form and how to fill up the form correctly.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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