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Legal Memo Template

A Legal Memo is similar to any office memo except that it is circulated at a law or legal firm. A legal memo is an internal circular which is sent to its legal team working or client on a related case where the memo lists the progress of the case on hand.

The legal memo template header can list:

* Legal Memo

* To:

* From:

* Date:

* Ref:

The header portion tracks the originator of the memo with the Ref. column listing the case on hand.

The body of the legal memo template may identify:

* Brief of case

* Questions presented

* Facts about the case

* Issues for discussion

* Conclusion

The Brief of case column is to state briefly the case on hand for a quick review of the case in discussion. The Questions presented column lists the queries that crop up from the current findings on the case that need to be addressed.

The Facts column can state the findings to date, presenting sufficient and present evidence for or against the case.

The Issues for discussion column is the crucial portion of the legal memo where the legal team needs to put on their thinking cap and propose solutions for each of the identified issues. The conclusion section is to record the final thoughts and decisions made by the legal team that should be followed up.

The legal memo is usually presented to the legal team ahead of a possible meeting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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