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Lesson Planner Template

A Lesson must be well prepared to distribute the knowledge to the targeted audience. Hence, a lesson planner would be a helpful tool to any educator in identifying the topics to convey to his learners. A lesson planner template should be quite precise so that the lesson is conveyed properly. Too much information on the template will make the lesson planner very cluttered and difficult to track the lesson proper.

Hence, a lesson planner template should stick to:

*Topic for the lesson

* Objective

* Reference Text

* Chapter/Page(s)

* Activity/Exercise

A lesson planner should be designed on a lesson by lesson basis. This makes it easier for the lecturer or teacher to teach and track the lesson to his class.

The header of the template should have:

* Class

* Subject

* Date of Lesson

* Time and Venue of Lesson

* Number of Students / Learners

The above information prepares the teacher for the right tools to convey the lesson materials to his learners.

The body of the template should cater for:

* Sub-topics and their objective

* Illustrations / Notes / Special points

* Duration of presentation

If a lesson has several topics, these can be broken down into sub-topics which can be expounded accordingly. The duration column for each sub-topic is important to help the educator to keep time so that all other sub-topics can be covered within the total lesson period. It also gives the educator a better gauge of his preparation skills.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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