Log Templates

Log Template

A log is just a tracking sheet which records information pertaining to some activity in an environment. It could be a log of telephone calls going in and out of the home or office environment with the objective of identifying how the telephone is used, as well as justify the usage of the equipment.

A log can also be used in an environment where visitors or guests information are recorded for reference and keepsakes purposes as in weddings and office. A log sheet can be very simple in its recording of information.

Its template may simply contain:

* Identification of the environment

* Date of Log

* Time of visit/entry

* Time of exit

* Visitor’s contact information

* Visitor’s comments

Many places with a log book encourage the visitor to fill in the log personally and to write down their comments after their visit. These comments allow the place to improve itself for a better image or with good comments, leave a good mark on the visitors.

A log template is very flexible and it is up to the organization or environment to decide on its structure and the execution of the tool according to its objective and benefit. An organization can keep track of the types of visitors to its premise or can even contact the visitor by referring to the information in the log sheet.

A personal or home log may be more creative where more space may be allowed for the visitor to write more comments.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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