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Love Card Template

Love is a many splendor thing… as the common adage goes. It is good to be able to express one’s love to another in as many ways as possible. Many use words; the infamous 3 little words “I LOVE YOU” speak loudly though they may be simple. Yet many find it hard to speak these 3 words out to their loved ones.

Hence, you can choose an alternative in expressing your love through a love card. It is just a simple card which allows you to write down your love and feelings to your loved one; even the 3 words of love.

A love card can be very simple like a postcard where one side displays the desired picture or photo while the back can describe your love in words to your loved one.

A love card can also be in the form of a greeting card where it opens up to a booklet form where you can write more words of love to your loved one.

A love card proposal template may contain the following components:

* Recipient’s name

* Pictures or photos

* Words

* Colors

* Borders / Designs

A love card can be purchased off the rack or customized; a personally designed love card is always special as it is unique and allows the sender to convey what he wants conveyed.

A creative love card can come in various sizes and shapes with different fonts.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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