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Luggage Tags Template

Luggage tags are very useful pieces of placards which are pocket sized to identify the luggage. Luggage has been lost due to their commercialized sizes, colors and brands. Hence, it is necessary to have luggage tags on each piece of luggage during travel, especially if there is a possibility of your luggage being separated from you for any time, as with airline travels.

Luggage tags can come in many shapes, sizes and colors. These are good attributes to consider in helping one identify the luggage besides the luggage itself. The luggage tag template can be quite simple although the shape, size and color add distinct identity.

A luggage tag can have the following components:

* Owner’s name

* Designation or Title

* Company Name / Full Address

* Contact Number

Information on a luggage tag can be written in any preferred font in any preferred size as long as the information is legible. This is to ensure that the attached luggage will be easily identified and returned to the correct owner, should it get missing.

The owner of the luggage should ensure that the luggage tag information is correct and legible, while securing the luggage tag on its luggage. A luggage tag is a pocket sized paper which is insert into a jacket with a plastic compartment to prevent the tag paper from being soiled or wet. It is preferred that the information on the luggage tag is not written on ink that smudges easily.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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