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Maintenance Log Template

Many people may consider a vehicle as an asset but it depreciates in value over the years. In order to slow down its depreciation value, you will need to maintain your vehicle in good condition; not just the exterior but also the interior.

You will need to maintain your vehicle well so that it will function well without inconveniencing you on your travels. The exterior maintenance usually covers washing and polishing whereas the interior maintenance refers to the mechanical workings of the vehicle.

You will need a maintenance log to track your change of black oil, tires, filters, wheel balancing, battery, spark plugs, air conditioning gas and other needful repairs and upgrades.

Its maintenance log template may contain:

* Owner’s name

* Date of maintenance

* Place of service

* Mileage

* Total Cost

* Items changed

* Items cost

* Labor cost

* Comments

* Reminders

A maintenance log can record your preferred pieces of information that is relevant to the upkeep of your vehicle. These kinds of information may be requested by potential buyers who want to gauge the actual condition of your vehicle through these figures rather than by your words alone.

A maintenance log can be personally designed or in a printed booklet supplied by the car manufacturer where it will record and confirm its service on your vehicle after a certain mileage achieved. You can then be sure of the right parts that are changed in your vehicle.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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