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Management Meeting Agenda Template

A Management Meeting agenda is essential to the management that meets regularly to plan on the progress of the company. There may be quite a number of important aspects to be brought up for discussion and action, especially if the company is a multi-national or international organization.

A Management meeting agenda guides the busy executives on the discussion of important topics that affect the welfare of the organization. The meeting agenda is usually sent ahead of the actual meeting to allow the attendees to prepare the necessary reports or updates for the meeting.

Hence, a management meeting agenda template could note the following header:

* Meeting Number

* Facilitator

* Attendees

* Time & Date of Meeting

* Venue of Meeting

The body of this template may contain the following columns of information:

* Objectives of the meeting

* Agenda / Topic for Discussion

* Time Allocation & Duration

* Notes / Conclusion / Action

A management meeting agenda will usually have a short recap of the last meeting discussion placed under the objectives of the meeting.

Each presenter for each topic of discussion will present his report in the given duration. There is usually a short time allocated for discussion and comments on the presentation before a conclusion is made for further action.

There may be special instructions to the attendees sent with the meeting agenda for the attendees’ preparation, such as ‘Reading list’ or ‘Things to Bring’.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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