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Manager Resume Template

A manager is a key person in an office. He is the person in charge of the operations in the office. He will liaise with many types of people at the office environment; in and out of the office. He meets all types of people to ensure the smooth running of the office; he needs to be able to give instructions and directions to his subordinates while communicating well with the suppliers, vendors and customers.

A manager must be well qualified for his post. He must be trained to handle the responsibilities that come with the post. He needs the right skills and knowledge with a strong character to get things done at the office. He is a leader and motivator.

A manager with the right experience will be able to foresee the risks and dangers as well as the opportunities of the business for the company. His wide experience will enable him to make the right decisions on office matters.

A manager must uphold integrity at the office to avoid accusations and discontentment with his subordinates and peers. He is accountable for all his subordinates and has to deal fairly with each worker. He must be able to delegate the duties while arranging trainings to improve the competency of his staff to enhance the productivity of his office.

A manager resume template may contain:

* Manager’s personal information

* Qualifications

* Work experience

* Skills

* Areas of expertise

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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