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Marketing Letters Template

Marketing is very important to every business; hence, it is crucial to have the right marketing tool to promote the business’ products and services. Many business events require promotions too so that a public awareness is created on the company and its products and services.

A marketing letter gives a very personal touch to the potential or existing customer while informing him of the latest product or service offering from the company. Hence, it can be written formally or informally depending on the angle of reach out the company desires on its customers.

A well written marketing letter can be very effective in enlarging the potential customer database for the company. It must contain words that are interesting to entice the recipient to read the whole letter and make a favorable decision with the proposed contents with a favorable impression on the company and its promotions.

A marketing letter template is very useful in allowing the company to make the necessary changes to the contents or recipient’s information as and when new products and services come on from the company which must be conveyed to the customer. It can generate a physical copy to be mailed or sent through emails.

A marketing letter template can have the following components:

* Company name & address

* Date of letter

* Recipient name & address

* Greetings / Salutations

* Special highlights / promotions

* Contact name & numbers

* Marketing representative

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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