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Marketing Proposal Template

Marketing is a very important department in any business; it is the revenue bringing arm of the company. Hence, the marketing department of a company needs to write excellent marketing proposals to bring in the business for the company.

A marketing proposal must be well written and structured with the necessary details of the products and services of the company listed favorably. The information in the marketing proposal should be stated competitively for a favorable consideration by its recipients.

A marketing proposal template for most businesses will contain the following columns of information:

* Company Name, Logo and Address

* Company’s contact information

* Introduction of company

* Recommended products and services

* Benefits of recommended products and services

* Discounts

* Special offerings

* Terms and conditions

The marketing proposal should always write favorably offering its products and services that will meet the expectations and objectives of the potential client. Hence, the marketing personnel must have researched well into the needs of their client before making a marketing proposal. The company must have the necessary skills, knowledge, expertise and resources to assist its clients to be productive and successful with their products and services; otherwise, it would be hard to close the deal with the marketing proposal.

The marketing proposal usually has a professional looking cover and its pages of content bound well for easy legibility. Both parties must be agreeable to all parts of the proposal before any financial commitments can be made.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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