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Marketing Template

Marketing is a very crucial arm of any business; there are many aspects to be considered to ensure profit in a business. Hence, a marketing template is essential in embracing a good marketing strategy where pieces of important and crucial information are recorded for strategic planning and action.

The marketing template can be used to record a marketing budget which may be divided into various sections according to marketing related activities. The marketing template will gather all the information and costs to be incurred, or budget, for a particular project, promotion or overall marketing strategy of a business.

A marketing template for a marketing budget may contain the following columns of information:

* Category

* Estimated Quantity

* Estimated Cost per Unit

* Estimated Subtotal

The above header columns may be referring to a particular project or promotion undertaken by the company.

Its sub-section could include specific aspects related to the project or promotion or task at hand, so that more specific data can be gathered to accrue the right budget for the right profit and expense.

Various aspects related to a marketing project which requires budgets are:

* Research

* Communications

* Networking

* Audio/Video Services

* Promotions

* Advertising

There may be more or other different types of information besides the above listed. The above columns are required to track the costs incurred in any marketing promotion, to give the company an estimated expense for that particular project or marketing task.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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