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Marketing Timeline Template

Marketing is very crucial in any business. There are many aspects to be considered to ensure profit in a business. Hence, a marketing timeline is essential in embracing a good marketing strategy where pieces of important and crucial information are recorded for strategic planning and action.

The marketing timeline can be used to record a marketing budget which may be divided into various sections according to marketing related activities. The marketing timeline compiles and structures all relevant information, costs and actions that are required for a successful promotion of a business.

A marketing timeline template allows an easy development of a marketing strategy or plan for any business. It may contain the following information:

* Company Name

* Market summary

* Product Description

* Competition

* Positioning of Company

*Communication Strategy

* Packaging & Fulfillment

* Launch strategies

* Public Relations

* Advertising

* Pricing

* Distribution

* Research

* Communications

* Networking

* Audio/Video Services

* Promotions

* International focus

*Success Metrics

* Schedule

Each of the above categories can be elaborated with relevancy to the business at hand. A marketing timeline is dependent on the objectives of the company and the timeframe it has set. There may be more or other different types of information besides the above listed. The above columns are required to track the costs incurred in any marketing promotion, to give the company an estimated expense for that particular project or marketing task.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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