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Medical and Healthcare Forms Template

Everyone has a medical record when they visit their doctor whether in the clinic or hospital. Whenever an individual seeks medical treatment, his medical record would be updated to reflect the condition of his health. Hence, there may be a lot of information on his medical record, depending on the frequency of his medical visits or health condition.

The medical and healthcare form is a good document to have that enables the physician a quick look at the patient’s condition and medical history before prescribing further medical care or medicine. It is especially helpful to new attending physicians who need to know the background of the patient before administering the right treatment or medicine.

With so many patients to attend to and cater for, a medical and healthcare environment would do better with a medical and healthcare form template. The template will enable the patient’s record to be updated, stored and retrieved easily. Printing one or multiple copies are also possible from the stored template.

A medical and healthcare form template would contain the following information:

* Clinic’s Name & Logo

* Clinic’s Address & Contact

* Patient’s Name & Address

* Patient’s Contact Information

* Patient’s personal information

* Patient’s medical condition

* Physician’s name

* Date of consultation

* Condition

* Vital signs information

* Doctor’s comments

* Prescription

* Cost

* Total

The template can be updated after every visit to the doctor for future reference.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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