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Medical and Healthcare List Template

A medical list is essential to everyone who needs to know his own health condition thoroughly. Every person’s health must be recorded up-to-date to enable a better facilitation of medical care. Hence, a medical and healthcare list is an important document for all to adopt.

A medical and healthcare list states the health condition of a person by identifying all health issues from health history, immunizations to family health history and tobacco consumption. Personal data is recorded for verification purposes. Current and past health issues are necessary information to shed light on the health of a person so that immediate and correct medical treatment can be applied.

A medical and healthcare list is vital in any medical environment or business as this allows the environment to keep track of their patients’ or employees’ health condition. Hence, a medical and healthcare list template is useful to medical environments or companies that have many patients or employees.

A medical and healthcare list template would contain the following information:

* Organization’s Name & Logo

* Organization’s Address & Contact

* Patient/Employee’s Name & Address

* Patient/Employee’s Contact Information

* Patient/Employee’s personal information

* Patient/Employee’s medical history

* Current health issues

* Immunization record

* Surgery record

* Family medical history

* Tobacco / Alcohol consumption

* Medications

* Relationships that can impact health

* Habits

* Weight and diets

The template can be updated after every visit to the doctor for future reference.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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