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Medical Invoice Template

No one likes to be hospitalized. As a patient, there is sure to be an invoice or two coming along your way at the end of your stay. A medical invoice is the payment document that a patient will need to settle with the hospital or medical facility after receiving treatment.

A medical invoice can be quite a complicated piece of document as it can contain many medical terms which may not be easily understood by all, especially the patient. But it would record all the treatments and prescriptions that a patient has received during his term of stay.

A medical invoice template would contain the following information:

* Hospital Name & Logo

* Hospital Address & Contact

* Patient’s Name & Address

* Patient’s Contact Information

* Invoice Number

* Patient’s ID number

* Patient’s bed and ward number

* Patient’s age

* Patient’s medical condition

* Physician’s name

* Admission Date

* Discharge date

A lot of personal information about the patient is recorded in the medical invoice as a formal record of the patient’s stay.

The body of the medical invoice template registers the details of the transactions on a patient:

* Item

* Description

* Cost

* Total

A medical invoice can be settled by cash, check or credit facility. Every item that the patient receives during his stay in the hospital is listed in the medical invoice so that an itemized billing is available to the patient for payment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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