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Medication Log Template

Sometime or other in our lives, we fall sick and need some medication to boost up our immune system to recover. It is advisable for everyone to have a medication log which can track the types of medication that he takes so that he is aware of what drugs are taken into his body. It is also a good record display for the attending physician to understand the patient’s medical history.

A medication log is also useful in clinics, hospitals, hospice or nursing homes where the patients or residents require some regular medication doses. It records the patients’ medication history to allow any attending physician a better insight of the patient’s condition, background, medical records and progressive care.

A medication log can be on an individual basis where the various medications can be listed for references. It can contain the patient’s name, medication types, quantity and frequency taken, prescribing physician, effects, conditions, pharmacy, start and end dates. These are useful data for the doctor or nurse to monitor the health of the patient.

A medication log template would contain the following information:

* Patient’s Name & Address

* Patient’s Contact Information

* Patient’s ID number

* Patient’s birth date

* Patient’s age

* Patient’s medical condition

* Physician’s name

* Medication type

* Date of prescription

* Dosage

* Dosage amount

* Frequency

* Pharmacy contact

* Side effects

A medication log can also be used by the clinic for stock checks.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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