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Meeting Agenda Template

A Meeting agenda is very important to ensure that a meeting will be fruitful and productive as the agenda is laid out for the meeting. The meeting agenda lists out the necessary sections or areas for discussion and to be covered for a favorable outcome.

A meeting agenda helps to guide the meeting in meeting its objective without wasting time unnecessarily.

Hence, a meeting agenda template could have the following header:

* Meeting Number

* Facilitator

* Attendees

* Time & Date of Meeting

* Venue of Meeting

The body of a Meeting agenda template may contain the following columns of information:

* Time slot

* Agenda / Topic for Discussion

* Presenter Groups

* Time Allocation & Duration

* Notes / Conclusion / Action

The above agenda structure ensures that all relevant and important areas are covered to allow further productivity in the organization after the meeting. The facilitator identifies the various agenda to be discussed at various time slots so that good conclusions and important notes may be recorded to assist in the follow up action on this section of work.

This portion of the template is useful in assisting the attendees identify their role before, during and after the meeting. Thus, their work will be more productive. There may be extra instructions to the attendees prior to the meeting, at the header or at the bottom of the meeting agenda page, such as ‘Reading list’ or ‘Things to Bring’.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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