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Meeting Memo Template

A Meeting Memo is usually an internal circular informing the relevant staff of an upcoming meeting. It is called by the facilitator to the personnel related to the subject of the meeting. It is a simple memo which basically informs the involved workers to attend the upcoming meeting. The agenda and objectives of the meeting are stated for the attendees’ information and preparation.

The Meeting memo template may take on the following format:

* Company Name and Logo


* To:

* From:

* Date of meeting

* Time of meeting

* Venue of meeting

The header portion informs the attendees the basic logistic information pertaining to the upcoming meeting.

The body of the Meeting memo contains the following:

* Agenda for the Meeting

* Objectives of the Meeting

* Format of the Meeting

The Agenda is listed clearly so that the attendees can prepare to be participative in that meeting, and to come prepared with reports and updates to be presented, if applicable.

The objectives of the meeting are stated in the memo so that the attendees will be having the same mindset before and during the meeting to avoid confusion and diversion of thoughts.

The format of the meeting is listed down so that the attendees can be prepared to facilitate or participate accordingly. If it is an informal meeting, the attendees can be more relaxed or dressed down, whereas if the meeting is formal, the attendees must be professional in their presentation.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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