Meeting Minutes Templates

Meeting Minutes Template

Meetings are always necessary at any organization that is serious in performing well in its business. Though too many meetings are not recommended, meetings are no doubt crucial to understand the condition of the organization in its operations, directions and financial standing.

Hence, the meeting must be recorded in the form of minutes for the relevant parties to refer and be reminded on what has transpired in the meeting and the necessary actions to be taken as a follow up. This after meeting action will propel the organization to move forward in its operations and progress.

A meeting minute is usually formally written and distributed to its attendees for further action after the meeting. This task is usually performed by a secretary who sits in the meeting, recording down all that is discussed and decided by the meeting attendees. The meeting minutes would be distributed to the attendees as well as the absentees of the meeting.

The template of meeting minutes may contain the following:

* Date of Meeting

* Purpose of Meeting

* Attendees/Absentees

* Start and End times of Meeting

* Venue

* Called by

* Issues

* Time allocated for discussion

* Discussion

* Important points on topic discussion

* Conclusion

* Action By

* Deadline

* Resource Person

* Observers

The meeting minutes can be long and detailed depending on the topics of discussion during the meeting. The next meeting date can be included in the meeting minutes.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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