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Meeting Planner Template

Meetings are important at any organization but too many meetings take up productive time. Similarly for long meetings that are not well planned which run overtime; that tends to waste a lot of personnel’s time. Hence, it is crucial for the facilitator of the meeting to consider a meeting planner to plan for his meetings so that the outcome of the meetings would be favorable.

A meeting planner template can be simple so that the facilitator will have an overview of the agenda of the meeting without taking up too much time in planning for a meeting nor using too much time during the meeting. Long and unorganized meetings zap productivity of the personnel; hence, a meeting planner is very necessary to help improve workers’ productivity.

A meeting template may have the following header:

* Meeting Title

* Date of Meeting

* Time and Venue of meeting

* Attendees

Its body may have the following columns of information:

* Topic

* Speaker / Presenter

* Time

* Duration

* Notes / Action

The body outlines the events that are to happen during the meeting in the order listed under the Topic column. This assists the facilitator in anticipating or be reminded of the topics to be addressed during the meeting. The Notes/Action column against each topic is to remind the facilitator the required follow up action to take after the presentation by each speaker, or to note some special points that were heard at the meeting.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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