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Memo Format Template

A Memo is an internal circular among company employees whether company-wide or by department. A memo states some important information concerning the business or company that the relevant employees must be updated with. The memo format can be simple and straightforward. It can be computerized to allow easy adjustments to its template for insertion of information.

The memo format template may take on the following format:

* Company Name and Logo


* To:

* From:

* C.C.

* Date:

* Subject:

The Company name and logo are usually pre-printed on the memo format template. The user is directed to the “TO:” portion for filling in the recipients’ names before moving to the “FROM:” portion whereby the sender enters his own name, identifying himself as the issuer or sender of the memo. The ‘C.C.’ section, which means ‘Carbon Copy’, lists the names of other people who need to be kept in the loop of this memo. You can enter as many names for the “TO:” and “C.C.” as you need to.

The Date refers to the date in which the memo is sent while the Subject portion records the objective of the memo.

In a computerized memo format template, you will be directed to the memo’s body with a click of the button to start typing in your information. There is really no limit to what you want to type to convey your message to your recipients in an electronic memo.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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