Memo Templates

Memo Template

A Memo is usually an internal circular which is sent to members of a department or group of people common to a cause or location. It is a simple sheet of paper that allows specific information to be disseminated from one source to the rest of the group. If it is a memo in a business environment, it is normally quite formal.

The memo template may take on the following format:

* Company Name and Logo


* To:

* From:

* C.C.

* Date:

* Subject:

The header portion lists the main recipients in which this memo is directed to at the ‘TO:’ section. The originator of this memo would identify him/herself with his/her name at the ‘FROM:’ section. A ‘C.C.’ section, which refers to ‘Carbon Copy’, lists the names of other people who are indirectly involved in the memo contents or subject on hand. It could be higher authorities who are kept informed of the dissemination of information in this memo, or it could be personnel who have some vested interested in the memo contents or subject.

The Subject section states the overview or topic of the information disseminated.

The memo’s body is just space which the sender is free to list down the necessary information that needs to be conveyed to the intended recipients.

An important memo may have the sender recording his signatory at the bottom of the memo for verification purposes, with his designation and contact details, for further clarifications by the recipients.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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