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A Menu planner is a useful tool for any cook who has to dish up food for others. It is not easy to cater to the different tastes of diners whether they are family or strangers. A homemaker or a chef in a restaurant who needs to serve meals every day usually encounters difficulties in selecting the types of food or dishes to be served, as it is not just ONE meal a day; it can be THREE or more meals a day, for 7 days of the week.

A Menu planner enables the homemaker or chef to list out the various dishes for each meal and each day so that variety is on the menu. A menu planner can be compiled week by week.

Creativity is required when planning the menu. The occasion for the meal is also another important factor in a meal planner. A kids’ party does not have the same menu as a wedding dinner.

The person who plans the menu must understand the occasion which gives rise to the theme; then the dishes will be creatively designed. A passionate chef would plan the menu in such a way as to build up the anticipation and enthusiasm on each dish so that the diners will enjoy each dish.

Hence, a menu planner template may contain the following sections of information for each meal:

* Occasion

* Theme

* Dishes (creative names)

* Setting

* Date, Time & Place

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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