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Method Statement Template

When a piece of major works is expected to be undertaken, the assigned contractor is expected to submit a method statement for scrutiny and approval before the works commence. This method statement gives an overview of the works to be undertaken and the methods that will be deployed. This necessity is due to the nature of the works where security is of utmost importance, like in a construction, electrical wirings or demolition works.

A method statement identifies the various activities related to the work that is to commence, with the required or expected personnel involved. The involved personnel’s roles must be identified with a supervisor who is to oversee the job and be responsible for the satisfactory completion of the job.

A method statement will also identify the key plants, materials and tools necessary for the success of the job. A sequence of operations may be listed out to confirm the flow of tasks related to the work identified. Hazardous substances, protective gear, first aid facilities and other related services must be identified before work can commence to avoid mishaps during the work in progress.

Among the information on a method statement template are:

* Company Name & Address

* Proposed Work

* Proposed site

* Commencement date

* End Date

* Human resources & responsibilities

* Identification of hazardous substances

* Identification of protective gear

* Availability of first aid facilities

* Key materials and tools required

* Trainings

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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