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Mileage Log Template

A mileage log is important to record how a vehicle has been utilized. It is usually used in the business environment where a company vehicle is utilized by its staff. Claims can be made on the vehicles which include petrol and maintenance charges. Hence, a mileage log is useful to the management to keep track of the frequency and quantum of related resources used by each vehicle.

The coordinator can ensure that the vehicles are properly maintained through the mileage log which registers the usage and mileage of the vehicles. The mileage log can also determine the user of the vehicle at any time for accountability of damage to the vehicles.

The mileage log is also used to compute the reimbursement of petrol cost by the staffs that are entitled to such privileges depending on their job scope, such as marketing personnel, delivery personnel and drivers.

Hence, a mileage log template may contain the following sections of information:

* Company Name

* Department Name

* Administrator

* Date

* Approved by

* Item

* Description of item

* Type of vehicle

* Vehicle license

* Driver

* Mileage

* Petrol cost per liter

* Total petrol cost

* Condition of vehicle

* Last Vehicle maintenance Date

* Next Vehicle maintenance Date

* Workshop (name, mechanic, contact number)

The above information can be record by vehicle or time, as in daily, weekly or monthly, to get an overview report of the vehicles’ usage.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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