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Minutes Meeting Minutes Notes Template

Meetings are essential in any business to track their operations and progress in any assigned job or project. Meetings can be long or short, frequent or seldom, depending on the need of the organization. There may be different types of meetings called by different levels of the company depending on the projects and need.

At the meeting, someone such as a secretary would record the discussions of the meeting by taking meeting notes. These will be transcribed as meeting minutes for others’ reference and action as a follow up to the meeting. Hence, the meeting notes are very important. The secretary must be accurate with taking down the discussion points during the meeting and to transcribe it accurately later for the right actions to be taken as a follow up on the meetings.

Meeting minutes’ notes are very important to all involved parties for the right understanding of the decisions and outcome of the meeting.

The template of a minutes meeting minutes notes may contain the following:

* Date of Meeting

* Purpose of Meeting

* Attendees/Absentees

* Start and End times of Meeting

* Venue

* Called by

* Issues

* Important points on topic discussion

* Conclusion

* Action By

* Deadline

* Resource Person

* Observers

Minutes’ notes can be brief as the secretary records only important points of the meeting. Then, meeting minutes should be generated soonest possible after the meeting for immediate follow up action.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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