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Mission Statement Template

Companies operate very different today than a decade ago. Today, companies are very mindful of the stiff competition they face in business and are always alert to improve their services, goods and image to gain more profit. The tool that is used to keep companies on track in their quest is the mission statement of the company.

A mission statement of a company expresses the seriousness of the company in identifying its goals and objectives to bring the company up to another level in the business environment. It must fit the company’s image and scope of operation with a total buy-in from all levels of management and employees.

A mission statement lists out the objective that the company wants to achieve in relation to its services, goods, products, image, customers and even suppliers. The mission statement serves as the standard of excellence for the company to achieve in order to win the favor and confidence of its customers and all other parties who work with it in one way or another.

A mission statement can be very simple and is usually stated in sentence form. There may be point forms to identify the sub-sections of achievement depending on the size of the company and its goals for improvement.

A mission statement template can have the following components of information:

* Company Name & Address

* Purpose of Existence

* Direction of progress

* Identification of resources

* Commitment of personnel

* Commencement date

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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