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Monthly Budget Planner Template

A Monthly Budget is crucial to any business that requires up-to-date information about the cash flow of the company. It records all possible expenses with a clear description and the date in which the expense can debited. This information allows the business owner to track the expenses amount in his business every month so that he can make wise and appropriate decisions with regards to his business’ survival or growth.

A monthly budget planner then offers an overview of how the cash flow is being used in the company when the information is carefully but simply tracked in the expense sheet.

It allows the business owner to identify the items which incur a higher expense and at which month so that he can improve his financial standing. This information may help him to cut back on other expenses that have not been incurred yet if it is not the month end, so that the budget will not be exceeded.

Hence, a simple monthly budget planner template can have the following columns of information:

* Date

* Category

* Expense

* Comment

The Date column records the date in which the expense is incurred.

The Category column allows the specific recording of how the expense is used.

The Expense column records the amount expended.

The Comment column allows the user to list down any extra notes on the particular expense, which may be helpful to him in making further decisions that may affect his business.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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