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Monthly Newsletter Template

A Newsletter is a very informative piece of document that is circulated either internally or externally in an environment. A newsletter is, as it’s termed, news in a letter form but not as formal as in a letter.

A newsletter can be published anytime depending on the publishing team. There is usually an editor in charge of its publication. It can be a simple newsletter or a few pages thick depending on the organization. Various newsletters can be published; clubs and societies, businesses, private organizations, Non-government organizations, health care industry and many others can publish monthly newsletters to educate or inform their members or the public of various knowledge.

A monthly newsletter is produced on a monthly basis. This is published to introduce new products and services, or just to update members and the public of the latest happenings with the organization.

A monthly newsletter can be creative and designed according to the editorial team. It can be circulated internally or externally, through mail or email nowadays.

A monthly newsletter template can contain the following components:

* Company name and logo

* Newsletter name

* Volume Number

* Reference

* Permit Number

* Article title

* Date of article

* Author of article

A monthly newsletter can be structured in various columns and can be published in various languages depending on the environment and reader circle. You can include colors, various fonts for the words, pictures and diagrams inside.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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