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Monthly Planner Template

Every household needs to have a budget to be well functioning. This is to avoid costs spiraling out of control, especially in today’s fluctuating economy where the dollar is stretched to its limit.

It is a good practice to have a monthly planner for the home where most items and activities are cost in to reflect the total expenses incurred in the home. A monthly planner for the home will record the incomes and expenses accrued to see if there is a positive or negative impact on the bottom line.

This will help to cut down or improve the spending of the home if possible.

A monthly planner will help the home occupants to get an overview of the household expenses for the month so that the occupants can plan on better ways to use their available cash flow for a healthy lifestyle without exceeding the budget.

Hence, a monthly planner template can have the following information:

* Date

* Income

* Expenses

* Month

* Category

* Description

* Notes

* Total

A monthly planner can be structured on a monthly basis with details of every expense, or it can be on a yearly structure where all the months’ incomes and expenses are summarized for an overview.

You can register all relevant items of expenditure in a monthly planner, such as vehicle and home repairs, household necessities, grocery, eating out and all types of bills, loans and rental.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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