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Monthly Time Sheet Template

Many companies operate long hours with many staff employed to take various tasks on a shift basis. These companies may be operating on a 24/7 basis which require its staff to report for duty at different times.

In such cases, a monthly time sheet is required to record the work hours of the employees for an accurate computation of their salary or wages every month. Employees who work in such structure are required to log in their work hours in some form, such as a punch card system that records their coming in and going out of the premise. This will allow the payroll personnel an accurate computation of the wages due to the workers, as some companies offer overtime or bonus calculations based on the hours worked.

A monthly time sheet can also be used for part-time or temporary employment where a staff is not on the full time payroll. It can also be computed for hourly waged staff that come in for a couple of hours a day.

A monthly time sheet records the basic information of an employee such as:

* Company Name

* Date

* Employee Name

* Employee Number

* Employee Title

* Employee Department

* Work Status

* Supervisor

* Days of the week

* Start Work Time

* End Work Time

* Total hours

* Overtime

* Rate per hour/day

A monthly time sheet can be electronically designed with formulation and wages automatically computed.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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